When will I get my Pristine Face Cleanser?

Our orders take around 3-10 business days to process with 1-4 weeks to arrive once the item is processed. Tracking numbers are usually sent out once your items have arrived in your home country, while you may not see it for some time it does not mean the items has not been sent out. Please keep in mind too that unforeseen world circumstances can change your order delivery and might delay how soon it gets to you


Why should I get this? 

Excellent question! Our Pristine Face Cleanser is built for the sole purpose of making sure you have a clean and healthy face while also giving you a pleasurable massage


What is this made of? 

Our product is made of high quality and medical grade silicone that is soft to the skin. You will love the feel of it once you start using it!  


Is this OK for my skin type? 

Our material is made for all types of skin you may have! Of course feel free to consult a medical professional about this if your skin type is a unique one 


Can I get another color/style besides what you offer? 

We are always looking for suggestions on what other colors and styles our customers want to get. Please Contact Us with your request to see if your request can be accommodated (for an extra charge) If we get enough requests of the same color/style we can add it to the store for future purchases!


I have another question not answered in here 

We will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have, feel free to Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible